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So I was just looking through the list of my email subscribers and noticed that you are one of the few people on my list who have not yet downloaded a FREE copy of the Goal Trader 1.5 strategy.


This is a bit more of an advanced way to trade football but it can be hugely profitable if you stick with it, I have had emails from some telling me they have doubled their bank just using this method.

The key being that we don’t trade out instantly, but hold our position and win 100% of our stake. Clever stuff.

Anyway, go check it out for yourself


The video is free to watch and you can download the PDF whilst you are there too.  Still lots of football to experiment on at the moment too.


I think you will enjoy this slightly different approach to trading football.

Hope you enjoy the video Refactual

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This has been one of my most popular videos on Youtube, even if you have seen it before as it might open your mind to a new approach.

Check it out here.