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[IMPORTANT] Refactual, Online biz failing? 7 reasons why you never see a buck…(short article)

Hi Refactual

I really need you to read this email because I wrote
it especially for you.

Even if you think you’re a failure, and don’t have a hope
in the world to make_money online, this email might just
turn you around and put you in high spirits.

See if you can relate to any of these common reasons why
people fail in their internet business….

1) Information Overload – You are trying to learn everything
at once and you are paralyzed. You can’t put any of the
info together and it’s frustrating you.

2) You don’t know the Fundamentals of Business – You don’t
know what it takes to SELL something. If you can’t sell
off-line, then it will be hard to sell online.

3) You don’t have the technical “Know-How” to put together
a website – FTP, HTML, PDF, Domain Names, Affiliate
Marketing. It’s all Greek to you!?

4) You’re trying to go at everything by yourself – You
don’t have any contacts in this business and you are
afraid to ask and you don’t know who to ask for help.

5) Low Commitment Level – You don’t think seriously about
your business. You procrastinate. You don’t take the
steps to turn your business around because you’re not
committed enough to succeed.

6) You’re Afraid of Success – With success comes power,
with power comes responsibility. Many of us don’t like
responsibility. We don’t want things to become big
because it will be too hard to keep under control.

7) You’re Afraid to Lose Money – It costs money to run
an internet business. It’s easy to lose that money. But
what you need to know is that money makes money.
Leverage your money in wise investments or assets to
bring you more in return.

So which one is your big one Refactual?

All of them? I hope not….lol

Believe it or not, you are not the only one who is
having a hard time trying to earn a little extra_cash
on the internet.

The fact is, more than 9 out of 10 people never make a
single penny, and the average time they try is 6 months!

What to do next?

But guess what? There is hope for you to start seeing
success, right now!

Starting right now, I want you to put your finger on
one of the seven reasons I wrote about above.

Then starting right now, THINK of how you can overcome

And then DO IT!

I’m not going to tell you how you can overcome all
of them, because thinking of a solution yourself is
good for you.

And I definitely can’t stand there next to you with a
match under your butt to get you to take action. You
have be proactive and do it yourself.

Once you have thought of a solution and start to
overcome your barriers, you will feel hope. And hope
is what we need to get through each day with a smile
on our face.

Eventually, our hope will lead us to success. More
success than our wildest dreams – whatever they may

Remember, THINK and DO. The recipe for success.

The ball’s in your court Refactual.

All the best,
Stuart Stirling

p.s. Join forces with me and a team of go-getters


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