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Before I go to bed

Hi Refactual,

A long overdue one.

Last week I promised you I will be sharing the reflection habit I developed from reading James Allen’s book As a man thinketh and especially the chapter on Thought shapes character.

He says, Watch, control, and change your thoughts, and observe the results.”

And we agreed that one way to watch our thoughts is to watch our behavior.

Whenever we learn something, it comes from a cycle and the cycle look like this: whenever we listen to something whether is our own voice or a voice of another, it influences our beliefs and our beliefs determine our thoughts. Our thought determine our feelings, our feelings determine our actions, our actions determine the results we get and the results we get either reframe or fortifies the belief that we had in the first place.

So if we are not happy with our results, we should watch, control and change our thoughts.

But how do we do that?

I have developed a set of questions that are now part of my evening routine.

Whenever I take a moment to reflect upon my results and before I go to bed in the evening when I reflect upon my day, I use this special frame.

How did I present myself today?
What thoughts have I cherished in my mind?
If I would have been in the room observing me, what behavior would I have seen?

How did my behavior serve me today?
How is this going to serve in the future?
How would my mentor Paul have acted if he was me?

What would have been a better thought to cherish?
What would have been a more beneficial behavior to express?
How would Florin from five years from now have acted?
What behavior would he show?
What would I do differently next time?

This is gold. What I just gave you here is pure gold.

Now, if you are serious about improving your results, apply it. Give it a try for at least 30 days and you will be amazed by the results.

Here is what I know, if you don’t take the time to watch, control and change your thoughts, there is no way you can improve your results in a consistent and sustainable way.

Until the next time.



PS: I’m going one step furtehr and I will share with you the reflection guide I’ve created using these questions and that I share with my coaching customers. So keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for the next couple of days. You will be very well served.

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