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Thursday’s Headlines: As Democrats deepen probes, president accuses them of being ‘out of control’

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As Democrats deepen probes, president accuses them of being ‘out of control’
Democrats are showing no signs of backing down, even though there are divisions in the House over whether to launch an impeachment inquiry in the wake of the Russia investigation.
Trump open to accepting opposition research from foreign powers
In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Trump also said he wouldn’t necessarily alert the FBI if a foreign country approached his campaign with “oppo research” about a Democratic challenger.
2020 candidates rip Trump for saying he’d take foreign intelligence on political rivals
Several of the Democrats renewed calls for impeachment while others raised concerns about safeguarding American elections and national security.
From casino playboy to slain CIA informant: The rise and fall of Kim Jong Un’s half brother
Kim Jong Nam is believed to have met with a U.S. intelligence agent a few days before he was killed, according to a Malaysian official.
Rising influence of controversial Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro concerns his critics
The effectiveness of Navarro’s approach will be put to the test if Trump follows through on his threats and musings about implementing tariffs and tightening U.S. trade practices.
Adrift in the Arctic: A frozen journey on a vanishing frontier
Nowhere on Earth is warming as fast. Scientists will spend a year trapped in sea ice to understand what that means for the world.
Trump just invited Congress to begin impeachment proceedings
So, what’s the difference between Warren and Sanders?
Steve King’s proof he’s not racist? Diamond and Silk.
Globalization is the star of the NBA
Is this the best Democrats can do?
The real concern surrounding the Fed isn’t about interest rates
More News
A new plan to remove a trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere: Bury it.
A major agricultural think tank predicts that more than 100 percent of current annual global carbon emissions could be captured with a switch to widely available and inexpensive farming practices.
Hong Kong legislature postpones debate on extradition bill again
The legislature had previously said a vote on the measure, which will allow extraditions to mainland China, would happen by June 20. 
Challengers of 2020 Census citizenship question ask Supreme Court to delay ruling
ACLU lawyers said a lower court should consider new allegations that the question was added to benefit the Republican Party.
College bribery scandal highlights major role of athletics in admission to elite schools
The Varsity Blues investigation underscores the wide pipeline of legitimate athletic recruits into selective schools and the questions it prompts about equity and academic standards.
Trump ally Lindsey Graham ready to revoke president’s emergency power on arms sales
Several lawmakers want a rule change after the White House cited an unspecific threat from Iran to expedite weapons sales benefiting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
Stanley Cup Final | Game 7
Blues’ half-century wait for a title ends with decisive win over Bruins
St. Louis completed its remarkable in-season turnaround, going from last place in January to hoisting the Stanley Cup, with a 4-1 victory over Boston for the first title in team history.
From Durant to Drake, ornery owner to cheap cheers, NBA Finals have drama all wrong
Usually, a long series is considered an exciting one. In this one, you almost fret what’s going to happen next as the Raptors try to finish off the Warriors.


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