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Friday’s Headlines: U.S. releases video purporting to show Iranians removing mine after tanker explosion

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U.S. releases video purporting to show Iranians removing mine after tanker explosion
After suspected attacks on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, U.S. officials showed photographs of a damaged tanker with what the Navy identified as a suspected magnetic mine attached to its hull.
Trump upends long-held views on foreign election help
American opposition to foreign involvement in elections dates back to the nation’s founding, reflected in legal prohibitions and widely embraced norms.
FEC chairwoman warns candidates not to accept help from foreign governments
“I would not have thought I needed to say this,” Ellen Weintraub tweeted.
NBA Finals
Toronto Raptors finish off injury-riddled Golden State Warriors to win title
In the first NBA Finals featuring games played outside the United States, the Raptors prevailed behind a strong playoff run from Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard and fan support that stretched across Canada.
Threatened with tariffs, Mexico is trying to reinforce its southern border ahead of Trump’s deadline
U.S. pressure has prompted tighter checks in the south but also more confusion. After all, the United States spent decades building its border security apparatus. Mexico now has just weeks.
Sarah Sanders leaving White House at end of the month, Trump says
The combative White House press secretary, whose tenure was marked by controversy and questions about her credibility, will be leaving after 23 months on the job, President Trump announced.
Bye-bye, Sarah Sanders
The real reason Nancy Pelosi is ducking impeachment
Don’t downplay Trump’s role in the Mexico deal. His strategy worked.
A Republican finally reveals the truth about the GOP tax cuts
Is the Iran-U.S. tinderbox about to ignite?
The government is collecting our faces but doesn’t know how to protect them
More News
U.S. military intelligence steps up accusation against Russia over nuclear testing
The new statement from the Defense Intelligence Agency amounted to a more direct accusation against Russia, which has vehemently rejected the accusations.
Campaign 2020
Democrats make cuts for presidential debate stage
The governor of Montana, a Massachusetts congressman and the mayor of a Florida city failed to qualify for the first presidential primary debates in Miami.
Trump’s company sells California mansion to firm linked to Indonesian billionaire, a business partner
Donald Trump’s company sold the property in May for $13.5 million, almost twice what he paid in 2007.
A Hindu nun accused of terrorism is one of India’s most divisive new lawmakers
The most talked-about candidate to win in the country’s recent national polls is a Hindu ascetic who has boasted of her role in destroying a medieval mosque and lauded the man who murdered Mohandas Gandhi as a “patriot.”
A rare skin disease left a man isolated and alone. Surgery is helping to give him back his life.
Enrique Galvan, a 27-year-old from Paraguay, had surgery in California to remove large, heavy tumors caused by a rare genetic disorder.
Retropolis | The Past, Rediscovered
A storm exposed children’s bones on a Canadian beach, reviving a 170-year-old mystery
An analysis indicated that the remains belonged to Irish immigrants who had fled the country’s Great Famine only to drown in an 1847 shipwreck, within sight of their new home.
New York, epicenter of measles outbreak, bans religious exemptions for vaccines
The tide of public opinion has been changing as measles have surged to the highest levels since 1992. The majority of those cases are located in New York.

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