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Tuesday’s Headlines: President vows mass migrant arrests starting next week

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President vows mass migrant arrests starting next week
In tweets Monday night, President Trump appeared to reference a stalled plan to round up thousands of migrant parents and children in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities.
‘The American Dream has turned into hell’: Juarez scrambles before U.S. dumps thousands of migrants
As part of a deal to slow migration, the Mexican border city must accept an influx of asylum seekers, who worry about their fate in the city, once the world’s murder capital.
Trump may be about to face his biggest test yet on the economy
Political and economic forces appear to have combined this year in a way that has darkened economic outlook — a potential problem for the president’s reelection run.
U.S. to send 1,000 more troops to the Mideast as tensions with Iran grow
The Pentagon announced the move hours after Iran said its stockpile of enriched uranium will surpass limits set by the 2015 international nuclear deal unless a new agreement is reached with European countries.
Critic’s Notebook
We have seen rock-and-roll’s future and its name isn’t Bruce or Madonna
Bruce Springsteen and Madonna, two of pop music’s immortals, both have new albums out. But instead of trying to win new congregants, they’re singing to the faithful — and the songs are strange.
Democrats must work to address Blue America’s housing crisis
Trump plans to turn the Fourth of July into a political rally in honor of himself
This nightmare is what Venezuela has become
Trump’s mental gymnastics are incomprehensible
Trump continues to kowtow to MBS. Congress has a chance to say no.
The struggling iconic American industry you’re not thinking of
More News
Canada’s Trudeau to decide on controversial pipeline expansion. He faces political peril either way.
The $5.5 billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project has divided Canadians and sparked widespread protests.
Campaign 2020
Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally
The campaign’s first major public stumble, culminating in a personnel shake-up, undercut its efforts to portray President Trump’s 2020 bid as a well-oiled machine.
Campaign 2020
Biden’s divergence from other candidates on display at poverty-fighting event
A forum on poverty and racism highlighted the former vice president’s ongoing challenge to win over the Democratic Party’s liberal faction.
Campaign 2020
Klobuchar adds a ‘first 100 days’ list to the pile of presidential candidate plans
The Minnesota Democrat plans a heavy use of unilateral executive actions and reversals of President Trump’s programs.
India slaps back at U.S. with tariffs, lobbing small but strategic strike ahead of G-20 summit
The penalties run as high as 70 percent on 28 products and come just days before world leaders meet at the Group of 20 summit in Osaka, Japan.
China wants Hong Kong’s loyalty and love. What it’s getting: Distrust and disdain.
The political crisis shows how Beijing’s long-term efforts to win hearts and minds appear to be stumbling.
Robocalls overwhelm hospitals and patients, threatening a new kind of health crisis
Hospitals worry that thousands of spam calls can be a life-or-death threat in a setting where every second counts.
When a man opened fire at a Dallas courthouse, this photographer didn’t run. He pulled out his camera.
“I was just praying that he wasn’t going to pass me,” Tom Fox of the Dallas Morning News said later. “Because if he saw me crouched there, he probably would have shot me.” Police fatally shot the gunman, but no one else was hurt.
Watch Anderson Cooper’s heartbreaking eulogy to ‘Gloria Vanderbilt, my mom’
CNN’s Anderson Cooper said his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, “died as she lived — on her own terms.”

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