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You Are Not Alone


I want you to know if you’re building a fast-growing company; I feel your pain. I’ve been where you are. In fact, I’ve been there most of my life.

I know what it feels like to not know what your team is doing all the time, to not know which decisions to make next. Feeling like everything isn’t moving fast enough…even when things seem to be going well.

Everyone tells you things are going well, but you know you could be getting more out of your team. It kills you to know you’re leaving opportunity and money on the table. You start to wonder what’s really going on. You ask yourself, is everyone in the right place, is your team doing what they should be? These feelings create extreme anxiety and make it tough to focus on moving your business forward, I know.

My desire to run a business was so high that I put up with a tremendous amount of pain in my life, and I bet you have too.

One place where I focused a ton of time was understanding how an entrepreneur can better lead their company and their team.

I’ve consistently run into one challenge almost every entrepreneur faces…

They don’t have a clear, written plan for where their business is going. They don’t have a guide or roadmap to lead them. As a result, it makes it hard to tell their team where they are going, unimaginable to anticipate what to do next, and extremely difficult to know where to assign resources.

Without a strategic plan, it’s nearly impossible to make the right decisions needed for the business to grow and scale.

Here’s what happens…you get tentative about growth. You experience massive frustration with your team and everyone around you. You even start having the fantasy of wanting to go back and do everything yourself.

I want you to know I’ve felt that way before, but I don’t feel it anymore.

I no longer feel this way because I learned how to put together a roadmap for my team. That roadmap allowed my team to get out in front of me and move the organization forward. I no longer felt like I was pushing or pulling my business every day. My team got to the place where they understood where the company was going and how we could continue to create the impact we were looking for.

Knowing where the business was going increased their clarity, which made them excited to come to work every day. It increased their confidence because they knew where we were going and could anticipate where we needed to go next. They no longer had to trust things were going to happen because they believed in the business, which increased their commitment.

When you have an entire team of committed people, who believe in what you are doing as a company, guided by a clear plan, that’s when your business is going to grow at the rate where you always knew it should.

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