Hope you are having a profitable week Refactual!

So I sent an email out the other day talking about how there seems to be a trend for people to move from football trading to trading tennis and not looking back. (If you missed the email search in your inbox).

Anyway, I had a funny reply from a subscriber called Mike who left a one line reply…. “Tennis? Would rather watch paint dry mate!“.


Some might see it as a rude reply but I laughed since I have to admit that I used to be similarly ignorant.

That is right I used to think it was boring but then again I had never actually watched it.

But that was until I saw the HUGE amounts of money being thrown around in the tennis markets.

And here is the thing, when you actually watch it and trade it it is quite a fascinating sport.

As a trading sport it is amazing, you see every point move the market and some pretty big overreactions that make it all the more lucrative.

Then as a spectacle it is fascinating also since you are seeing two human beings toe to toe with each other, no team mates to hide behind or hope bail them out.

Anyway, the biggest worry for many who are interested in learning to trade tennis is the amount of time they might have to spend actually watching it.

I guess a few are worried they might grow bored too.

Well you will be surprised that the actual trades are usually done within 5-15 minutes, in and out of the market.

You could have something like flashscores set up to alert you to potential opportunities then when they come up, you head to the market and enter your trade.

I do strongly advise that you do WATCH the market when you are IN a trade. It might be fine not to watch the match before that but you want to keep a close eye on things once you get in the market, especially as they move so quick.

It is your money in the market at the end of the day and I would want to keep a close eye on where it is going.

Only once your trade is complete should you move to another match OR you could trade the same match till the end since as mentioned, there can always be more opportunities in tennis.

Or of course you could call it a day and go back to watching paint dry 😉

With some strategies you might only need to be in the markets for 10-20 minutes and I am sure we can all concentrate for that long at a time.

In fact inside Ultimate Tennis Trading the first strategy features some live demonstrations where I was only in the market for 9 minutes and then another one for 14 minutes before the profit was made.





This strategy is the MONEY METHOD and is the first strategy you will learn when you enroll on Tuesday. Invites will be sent out at 10am for those on the list.


So not to long to go now. 🙂







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