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Thursday’s Headlines: Trump losing interest in Venezuela, officials say

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Today's Headlines
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Trump losing interest in Venezuela, officials say
The president has been frustrated about a foreign policy issue he “always thought of … as low-hanging fruit” on which he “could get a win and tout it as a major foreign policy victory,” a former official said.
Iran shoots down U.S. naval drone in Persian Gulf region
Iran said that the drone was inside Iranian airspace, which the U.S. denies.
Judge says census citizenship question merits more consideration
Documents found on a GOP strategist’s computer led to the decision, which comes as the Supreme Court prepares to rule.
Critic’s Notebook
At the TWA Hotel, a space that sings ‘Come Fly With Me’
The TWA terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport gets a magnificent new life as a hotel — and it’s more than just “Mad Men” fantasy.
Biden faces backlash over comments about work with racist senators
The former vice president’s remarks came after campaign aides had warned him not to cite his past relationships with segregationist colleagues.
Police shooting in South Bend hands Buttigieg a major challenge
The shooting of a black man by a white police officer is reopening wounds in the city’s black community that threaten to tarnish the mayor’s charmed presidential campaign.
State Department didn’t disclose ties to boyfriend of Russian agent Maria Butina
This is how you hold Khashoggi’s murderers accountable
Oberlin College had an admirable liberal past. Now, it’s a disgrace.
Israel builds Trump a Potemkin village
Why Biden can’t take us back to normal
Democratic moderates are owning their mistakes
More News
Trump administration backtracks on closure of Job Corps program after bipartisan opposition
A USDA and Labor Department plan to kill a U.S. Forest Service program that trains low-income young people for rural jobs ran into political realities in rural America.
Today’s WorldView | Analysis
The downing of MH17 rallied the West against Russia. Now, not so much.
A push to drop European sanctions against Russia gained momentum as Russia-friendly populists made inroads into European politics in recent years.
U.N. report reveals grisly details about Khashoggi’s killing
An investigator called for greater scrutiny of the Saudi crown prince and other officials in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Meet the couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
Bernard and Lisa Selz are big donors to a group that has played a central role in this year’s measles outbreaks.
What you need to know about canceling a trip to the Dominican Republic
Major airlines are working with fliers on a case-by-case basis. Hotels there, as well as third-party booking sites, may be trickier.
A local’s guide to Tokyo: There is always a new area to explore
The sprawling metropolis is so big that even lifelong residents will never really know certain neighborhoods. There is always something to uncover or a new area to explore.
Why your emotions and senses go haywire on a plane
Ever wonder why you tear up at in-flight entertainment or crave tomato juice in the air? Experts have opinions about the reasons.
Fed signals rate cuts are likely as it raises concerns about growth
The president has urged the Federal Reserve to cut rates for months. Nearly half of Fed leaders predict rates will fall by the end of the year.
Former Trump business partner Felix Sater set to testify Friday before House Intelligence Committee
The closed-door hearing is part of the panel’s ongoing investigation into President Trump’s efforts to build a tower in Moscow.
He told women he could help. Instead, he branded them with his initials and made them sex slaves.
A guilty verdict ended a six-week trial that revealed haunting details about Keith Raniere and his Albany, N.Y.-area group, NXIVM. He could now face life in prison.
Post Reports | Listen Now
Meet the New York couple donating millions to the anti-vax movement
Carol Morello talks about the U.N. investigator’s report about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Lena Sun on the Manhattan couple donating millions to anti-vax groups. And Rachel Siegel on new ad standards in Britain.

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