Hey Refactual

Would you like to dive behind the scenes and see exactly how I approach tennis trading?

And learn the same 3 secrets that my mentors gave me when learning how to trade this lucrative sport?

Well I am holding a FREE online webinar masterclass that pulls back the curtain and reveals ALL. (You attend via your device, not in person!)


With Wimbledon coming up and all the tennis action at the moment I have been getting so many questions about tennis trading that it suddenly hit me that I should just hold an online webinar and dive deep into the subject of tennis trading.

Deeper than any man has gone before…

And so on Monday June 24 at 8pm I will be going LIVE and revealing as much as I can in order for you to get a really good idea of how to trade tennis in the most low risk but high reward way.

In this free training you are going to discover:

  • ​Just WHY Tennis Trading is the best kept secret on the betting exchanges.
  • ​​How to trade tennis and profit ​WITHOUT even knowing ​much about it.  
  • ​​​​The “Penalty Shoot Out” analogy for understanding tennis trading. 
  • The ​#​1 Reason MOST go wrong with tennis trading and how it happened to Ben. 
  • ​The ​3 BIGGEST tennis trading myths CRUSHED.
  • And the TOP 3 SECRETS for tennis trading success.

And as touched upon this is totally FREE and the information in the webinar is the BEST information you will EVER get for free on this subject.


I am already expecting a few emails from tennis trading professionals warning me not to give too much away but they just don’t understand my mission!

Anyway, I think this training could be a total game changer so get your seat booked asap and I will see you there

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The doors to Ultimate Tennis Trading are still set to open on June 25 the day after this webinar. But this is your chance to get a whole bunch of information for free so you can’t really go wrong!
See you there and bring a nice cold beer!