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Never drink these JUICES (harms your liver & causes wt gain)

The majority of people still believe that juice is “good for you”…


The majority of people still believe that juice is “good for you”… However, nothing could be further from the truth!  While eating fruit seasonally I believe is VERY good for health in general, there are some major problems with juices, as we’ll explore in today’s new NutritionWatchdog blog…

Never drink these JUICES (can harm your liver and cause significant weight gain)

Belly Fat & Death:

If you have too much belly fat, chances are you also struggle with your energy, mood swings, sleep issues, and blood sugar…

…but did you know this excess belly fat is a sign of something much worse?

If you have any of those issues listed above, you’re most likely suffering with “deep belly fat” which increases your risk of an early and painful death because that “deep fat” surrounds your organs, including your liver, causing an increased risk issues like sleep apnea, joint pain, depression, anxiety, and muscle pain AND diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

So, not only does your excess fat look bad and destroy your confidence, it’s killing your health and taking years off your life.

But, in this special presentation, Dr. Rand McClain, MD, has not only discovered exactly why your body stores belly fat this way, but a simple way to flip your body’s “master switch” to allow your body to start releasing this deep belly fat simply, quickly, and painlessly.

He’s even created a simple “at home test”, to discover just how much “deep” belly fat you have and what your risk level is for an early death.

Click here to take Dr. McClain’s test now and learn how to melt away your stubborn, and harmful, deep belly fat.

Talk Soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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