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special type of fat burning bread

Did you know that traditional grain-based bread contains a compound that is the #1 greatest danger in your diet.

Studies show that this compound (and I am not talking about “gluten”) is toxic to your heart and blood vessels… toxic to your immune system… and toxic to your nerves and brain.

And if that’s not enough…

This hidden compound also makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to burn fat and lose weight! 

The great news is that you can still have your BREAD… and be well too! 

Plus this unique type of bread shown on that page actually HELPS your body burn MORE fat than eating vegetables (it actually triggers a fat-burning hormonal environment in your body)

Discover the secret to the world’s healthiest bread… a secret that took my good friend Kelley Herring 10 years to master!

Here’s to enjoying delicious bread again, while simultaneously putting your body in a fat-burning state (win-win!)… This is PERFECT for diabetics too, since this special type of bread has almost ZERO impact on blood sugar.


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