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15 MUST DO Arm Exercises 💪 Build BIGGER, Stronger Arms

One of the most talked about subjects in the gym for all lifters is arm training.

If you’re more of a beginner lifter and are frustrated with super slow arm growth, pay close attention to this video. These 15 MUST DO Arm Exercises with Resistance could yield some pretty nice results in a relatively short period of time.

You’ve been pounding out curls every day at the gym, trying to build bigger arms. You have noticed some impressive results, but there’s just one problem: your arms aren’t big or strong enough. 

One of the first body parts that gets noticed is your arms. While arms are just a small part of the whole picture, there’s no way around wanting to have a set of guns that attracts positive attention.

For most guys, the name of the game is achieving arm size and definition. But without the right exercises and the right programming, reaching your full mountain peak potential will always be just out of reach.

This list of 15 exercises targets all of those arm muscles to help bring a FULL pump to those biceps, triceps and surrounding areas to give you that complete look.

15 MUST DO Arm Exercises with Resistance 💪 Build BIGGER, Stronger Arms

1. Barbell / EZ Bar Curl
2. Dumbbell Hammer Curl
3. Incline Curl
4. Concentration Curl 
5. Cable Curl
6. Close Grip Press
7. Skull Crushers
8. Overhead Extension
9. Dumbbell Kick Backs
10. Press Down
11. Wrist Roller
12. Seated Barbell Wrist Curl
13. Wrist Hammer Curl
14. Plate Squeeze
15. Heavy Carries / Holds

Give these all a try. Start with reasonable loads and shoot for 8-12 reps for most movements. You’re probably going for hypertrophy over strength if looks and size are more your goal. If strength is your goal, increase the load, decrease the reps to 4-6 or 6-8 and you will get stronger.

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