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Monday’s Headlines: ‘I have lost hope for my life’: Iranians describe hardships as sanctions expand

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‘I have lost hope for my life’: Iranians describe hardships as sanctions expand
In a series of interviews, many spoke of dashed hopes, lost jobs and scarce goods, as well as a sort of nationwide apathy after the flickers of optimism that came with the 2015 nuclear deal.
‘Surreal’: Ivanka Trump plays a prominent role in her father’s historic Korea trip
Both at the G-20 summit in Japan and in South Korea, where she crossed over into the North, President Trump’s daughter was everywhere.
Driven from Paradise by fire, evacuees worry that gentrification will prevent them from coming home
Many residents of this California town fear that the Paradise that rises from the ashes of the November fires will be unaffordable for some.
A Maltese professor’s tip about ‘dirt’ on Hillary Clinton spurred the Russia probe, officials said. Then he disappeared.
With Attorney General William P. Barr’s review of the FBI’s investigation underway, the origins of the inquiry itself are now in the spotlight — and with them, the role of Joseph Mifsud, who has vanished from public view.
Trump press secretary fights for media in land of real ‘fake news’
The census belongs to the president. He needs to get it back. Here’s how.
The Democrats agree with Trump in a surprising way
The 2020 issue that matters is democracy itself
It’s still early, but the Democratic candidates didn’t seem presidential
A wealth tax isn’t the best way to tax the rich
More News
New Zealand is trying to buy back the military-style weapons it banned in April. It’s not so easy.
The government is facing sobering hurdles over how to enforce the law passed after the Christchurch mosque shootings.
Fame? Fortune? Sunshine? Rings? No, Kevin Durant chose to play with his friends.
There is no comparison between Durant’s new teammates and his former Warriors squad. But this decision is about much more.
Campaign 2020 | Analysis
What the busing fight shows us about the Democratic Party
Democrats are afraid to give Joe Biden a pass in part because they struggled in 2016 to re-create the support that Barack Obama got from nonwhite voters.
Hong Kong police, protesters clash on anniversary of handover to China
The group of mostly young protesters had planned to disrupt a ceremony marking the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from the British to the Chinese.
She’s 10 years old and loves to skateboard. She could be an Olympian next year.
Sky Brown is a skate park prodigy with sponsors, a giant social media following and several viral videos to her credit. Now she has her sights on Tokyo when skateboarding makes its debut at the 2020 Olympics.
This Trump critic’s cartoon went viral on social media. Within hours, he no longer had a contract.
Michael de Adder’s publisher said that the timing of the cancellation of his contract was not related to the immigration cartoon.
As swine fever spreads, Asian countries cull millions of pigs
In Vietnam, some 2.8 million pigs, representing about 10 percent of the nation’s herd, have been culled. China, the world’s top pork producer, has culled about 1.1 million pigs.

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