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Tuesday’s Headlines: Trump’s hard-line approach appears to soften in meetings with world leaders

The Washington Post
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Trump’s hard-line approach appears to soften in meetings with world leaders
President Trump has dismissed criticism that he is failing to make big deals, arguing that his patience and relationship-building will pay off for the country.
Trump’s surprise meeting with Kim is over. For Pompeo, the real work has just begun.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his special envoy have been given two to three weeks to launch new talks with their North Korean counterparts.
Fact Checker | Analysis
No, Barack Obama didn’t beg Kim Jong Un for a meeting
The White House provided no evidence for President Trump’s claim and top Obama advisers denied Trump’s claim.
Lawmakers condemn ‘vulgar’ posts in border agents’ secret Facebook group
The postings sparked special outrage among a delegation of more than a dozen House members who toured two detention centers in Texas.
As a major Indian city runs out of water, 9 million people pray for rain
Chennai is struggling with an acute water shortage, and experts warn that the city’s struggles are a harbinger of things to come for India as its population grows, urbanization intensifies and global temperatures rise.
Campaign 2020
Democrats convulse over race as debate exchange reverberates
An electric moment in which Sen. Kamala D. Harris took on Joe Biden has spawned days of disagreement that plays on party divisions.
Cleanup begins in Hong Kong after night of anger against the government
The resulting damage of protesters’ successful bid to storm and briefly occupy the legislature were on full display for anyone passing by the building.
Trump successfully played a hunch with Kim. Now what?
The tough-on-crime law Democrats are overlooking
Never Trumpers have a decision to make
Trump’s meetings were mostly show. But they did create an ease of tensions.
Decriminalizing the border is not in anyone’s interest
The reason the debt is so high? The U.S. is at war — with itself.
More News
Trump paints a dark picture of homelessness in U.S. cities: ‘We may intercede’
The president made the remarks in an interview he taped in Japan with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, after Carlson said Japan’s cities are clean and free from graffiti and “junkies.”
Today’s WorldView | Analysis
Megan Rapinoe and the U.S. women’s team take on Trump
Rapinoe, the most outspoken U.S. player at the women’s World Cup, has turned into a figure of resistance.
He said he protected students in a Texas school shooting. Then the truth emerged.
David Briscoe said he helped barricade a door during the May 2018 shooting at Santa Fe High School. But the school says he never worked there.
A millionaire day trader, the secret bunker under his home and a murder conviction
Daniel Beckwitt had become obsessed with protecting himself from North Korean missiles.
If this NASA spacecraft test fails, Trump’s 2024 moon mandate will face a major setback
No crew will be on board, but NASA and Lockheed Martin aim to prove that an emergency system designed to protect astronauts in the event of a rocket failure is sound.
Lil Nas X came out of the closet on the last day of Pride Month. He let his lyrics tell the story.
The 20-year-old Atlanta rapper, who sprang into the spotlight after his song “Old Town Road” went viral, told his Twitter followers to listen to his song “C7osure” again.


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