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Build MORE Mass WITHOUT Exercise (not steroids)

The guys who build muscle and get stronger FASTER than others… are the ones who do the “little things” right. 

They get out of the tiny box of workouts and nutrition… and use effective “out of the box” strategies to MAXIMIZE their gains and recovery… 

The BIGGEST one being sleep. 

Now… I’m not talking about sleeping longer. 

Sure, some of us need more sleep… however that’s not going to give you the muscle and strength building results you want. 

I’m talking about sleeping deeper… also known as Anabolic Sleep…

Which is when your body releases your most powerful muscle building hormones, testosterone and growth hormone overnight…

And helps your muscles repair and grow while you sleep. 

It’s like a shot of steroids straight to your veins… yet it’s all-natural. 

So you can wake up looking more JACKED and feeling stronger in the gym than the day before. 

=> Build MORE Mass WITHOUT Exercise (not steroids)

If you didn’t know… there’s two times of the day your body builds the most muscle: 

1) after eating a post-workout meal
2) while you sleep

Most guys wouldn’t dare skipping their post-workout meal… 

Yet they NEVER think to optimize their sleep for massive muscle gains… Just imagine, an extra 8 hours you could be building muscle… and you’re doing it all while you sleep!

It’s almost effortless 😉

All you have to do is follow a pre-bed routine that forces your body into anabolism while you sleep. I go over it all on this page:

=> Build MORE Mass WITHOUT Exercise (not steroids)

Do this right… and your muscle gains will be limitless.

Move Well. Look Well.  Live Well,

Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN

P.S. The world’s most ripped bodybuilders and strongest strongmen know how to “dial in” the little things that make a HUGE impact on their body and performance… 

And starting tonight you can follow the same elite secrets these guys do to MAXIMIZE your gains and accelerate your results from the gym.

Build MORE Mass WITHOUT Exercise (not steroids)


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