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Friday’s Headlines: Trump gives up attempt to add citizenship question to census

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Trump gives up attempt to add citizenship question to census
The announcement marked the end of a 19-month push to ask about citizenship status on the survey. Opponents have said the question could undercount Latinos and scare immigrant communities from participating.
From the Magazine
AOC’s chief of staff guides a movement
Saikat Chakrabarti, chief of staff for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), is a behind-the-scenes force in progressive politics.
Pelosi defends handling of 4 House women as Democrats fume about Ocasio-Cortez’s top aide
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) refused to respond directly to accusations by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) that she is singling out “newly elected women of color.”
Joe Biden’s Senate records could explain past actions — but they’re under wraps
The papers were expected to be released this year. But new terms announced just before he started his 2020 campaign have kept the trove from public view.
‘This has my heart just pumping’: New Orleans braces for inundation
The city will receive water from three directions on Friday: rain from above, a flooded river and storm surge from the gulf.
Norah O’Donnell takes over at ratings-challenged ‘CBS Evening News’
New female leadership at the network aims to revive the kind of trust once enjoyed by stalwarts such as Walter Cronkite.
Congress should show Trump that the Saudi crown prince is no ‘friend’ of America
Far-right folks, go ahead and take the Betsy Ross flag. I have my own.
We just dodged a constitutional crisis with the census
Wake up, Democrats. Trump is on something of a roll.
Biden’s electability is a myth
An impeachment inquiry is risky. Not opening one is riskier.
More News
Turkey takes first shipment of Russian S-400 air-defense system in defiance of U.S. and NATO warnings
The acquisition of the antiaircraft missiles is expected to trigger U.S. sanctions over military purchases from Russia.
R. Kelly arrested again in Chicago on federal sex charges
A U.S. Attorney’s office spokesman said singer R. Kelly has been arrested on federal sex-crime charges in Chicago.
By The Way | A Post Travel Destination
Recent incident over attire highlights the ambiguity in airline dress codes
A woman’s summery outfit ran afoul of American Airlines’ policy. Are there clearly written rules being enforced here, and in other cases? Absolutely not.
Trump kisses a campaign aide on video. His lawyers say it clears him; hers say it’s proof.
Far from providing clarity, the 15-second video only led to conflicting interpretations.
Merkel downplayed her shaking episodes. Other leaders also kept medical details private.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s reticence isn’t uncommon. John F. Kennedy and François Mitterand tried to hide even serious illnesses from the public.
The Debrief
‘Like a rocket’: Trump revels in his love-hate relationship with Twitter
During a meeting about social media, the president offered a glimpse into his fact-challenged approach to tweeting.
Acosta said prosecutors wanted to guarantee Epstein would go to jail. The reality is more complicated.
Court documents show that Alex Acosta’s office was unusually amenable to the demands of Jeffrey Epstein’s defense team, even as it kept Epstein’s victims in the dark.
Post Reports | Listen Now
‘A constant state of drowning’: About 40% of Americans say they struggle to pay bills
Heather Long on the not-so-booming economy. Mike DeBonis explains the Democratic rifts in the House. And as far as Europe’s “flight shame” movement goes, Hannah Sampson says it has no chance in the United States.

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