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Sunday’s Headlines: Some border facilities nearly empty while conditions in others remain dire

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Some border facilities nearly empty while conditions in others remain dire
In the weeks since Mexico started an immigration crackdown, the migration wave that built up through the spring has been disrupted. But the decline has been uneven: Some U.S. detention facilities near El Paso are nearly empty, but crisis levels and squalid conditions remain in the lower Rio Grande Valley.
These Republicans signed the ‘never Trump’ letters in 2016. Now some are having second thoughts.
National security establishment figures who tried to block him are wrestling with whether to maintain opposition or find a way to support him.
The Take | Analysis
In next debate, is Biden ready to fight back against his rivals?
In New Hampshire, he called the differences on some issues “profound.” The question is how forcefully he will make his case in the coming debates.
Barry heads inland with high risk of flash flooding in Louisiana
The system weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm, but it now threatens eastern Louisiana and western Mississippi with a long duration deluge that could dump nearly 20 inches of rain.
Louisiana officials urge residents to stay vigilant
By the time the storm hit, many along the coast had evacuated or sheltered in place. Now, thousands are bracing for days of flooding.
New York City power outage shuts down subways, darkens midtown Manhattan
A widespread outage on Saturday left iconic parts of midtown, including Times Square and Rockefeller Center, without power. Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted that the disruption was caused by a manhole fire.
How liberals learned to love federalism
Which side does the Epstein case benefit more? Who cares.
Critiquing Trump was not the problem. Failing to use British doublespeak was.
China is brainwashing Uighur children as the world looks away
Snoopy taught me how to be a writer
‘The Lion King’ is a fascistic story. No remake can change that.
More News
House Democrats’ racially charged infighting escalates
Rep. Ayanna Pressley told a liberal conference that the party doesn’t need “any more black voices that don’t want to be a black voice.”
As floods worsen, Midwest towns plan new riverfront development
Heavier rainfall and construction have exacerbated flooding along the Midwest’s great rivers, causing deaths and billions of dollars in damage.
Millions paid to former head of nonprofit that ran migrant child shelters, records show
Juan Sanchez resigned from Southwest Key Programs in April amid criticism that his $1.5 million pay package in 2016 was extravagant. His pay more than doubled in 2017, to $3.6 million, according to tax filings.
A Somali-Canadian journalist returned to Somalia to tell ‘uplifting’ stories. Then terrorists killed her.
“Hodan noticed the people bathing in the ocean, the orchards in the courtyards, and the radiance of the setting sun,” one Somali writer recalled.
Serena Williams’s path to history is narrowing to a tightrope
Winning a 24th major title clearly matters to Williams — maybe too much. The pressure grows with losses such as the one against Simona Halep in the Wimbledon final.
I used to be wary of scooters. Now I may buy one.
Some people can’t stand the electric vehicles, but others have discovered they are a quick and easy way to maneuver a city.
Glenn Greenwald has faced pushback for his reporting before. But not like this.
The polarizing U.S. journalist, known for his role in the Snowden case, has turned his focus on a popular official in Brazil — and drawn death threats.
Retropod | Podcast
The long-lost ‘Laws of Baseball’
On display in D.C. are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and another document that details a fundamental institution in American life: baseball.
To help officers respond to active attacks, these students volunteer to shoot at them
SWAT officers have different methods of approach. These researchers study which are better.
Could our efforts to avoid anxiety be making it worse?
Americans are increasingly anxious. This is why one psychologist thinks that’s happening — and what you can do about it.
Make rosé shine in these inventive summer cocktails
Here are three ways to go beyond frosé and make your drink pink.

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