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Last Call: Critical Bench Amazon Prime Day Sale

Coach Chris here.  I just wanted to remind you that Amazon Prime Day is almost over which means you’re running out of time to save if you were planning on picking up some of our cutting edge training material for a big discount.  See below if interested. Talk soon. CW


Hey this is Samantha the Amazon Director at Critical Bench.

Have you seen some of our new stuff?  It’s all on sale for you today and tomorrow for Amazon Prime Day.

Everything is on Sale!

Critical Bench Kindle Books Click Here

Titles include:  Massive Muscle Pumping, 24-Hour T Fix, Anabolic Aftergrowth, Bench Press Explosion, 14-Day Muscle Mass, Super Arm Growth, 101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips, 40 Strong, The Man Breast Solution. All for under $10.

Our Amazon Video Store Click Here

Includes the No Back Strain Stability Ball Workout Series, Total Body Balance Trainer Workout Series, Strength Psychology, the Inner Thigh Solution, Unlock Your Glutes and the Groin Flexibility Solution.

Physical Products Shipped To Your Door!

Featured:  3 Month Supply of Ginkgo Biloba Helps Mental Focus & Clarity for just $6.99 !!

Unlock Your Glutes DVD, Crunchless Core DVD, Inner Thigh Solution DVD, Real Life Self Defense DVD and Strength Psychology DVDs.

Enjoy the savings!

Just lookin’ out for ya.

Samantha Harrison
Executive Assistant –  Amazon Director
Critical Bench, Inc

Facebook: @criticalbench  — Instagram: @thecriticalbench — Youtube: Critical Bench


Keep training hard,

Mike Westerdal

PO BOX 17959, clearwater, FL 33762, USA

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