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The secret to a successful product launch

So, let’s talk product launches.

What’s the BIG secret behind making them work?


Back when I released a course on how to launch products, I broke everything down for people into a simple framework.

And it all hinged on one little idea:

When you sell something, there are people who will buy and there are people who won’t buy. And then there are all these other people who I called “The Sideliners.”

These are people who could buy… who should buy… but they haven’t made the decision to buy yet.

I then explained that the easiest way to persuade them to buy is to make them want you sell… before they even know what you’re selling.

There are a few ways to do this, but there’s one thing that works time and time again. And it’s as simple as this:


When selling online courses or high-end services, anticipation is built by proving to peopel that you can help them with their problems.

(You’ve seen launch videos. Video one shows opportunity. Video two shows the big secret without giving all the details. Video three often showcases testimonial after testimonial. Video four asks people to buy).

However, now that I run an e-commerce business, I can tell you that anticipation doesn’t need to be ‘that’ complicated.

You see, my company Truvani is about to launch 3 new products on July 17th. And we’ve been doing a lot to build anticipation for these products.

1. We are running Facebook advertising to our existing customers letting them know to save the date and new products are coming.

2. We sent an email letting our customers know that new products are coming.

3. We are using our social accounts to let people know new products are coming.

It’s simple really.


And people are excited to hear about it.

Now, why am I sharing this?


How many times have you launched something ‘last minute.’

You just said screw it. And sent the email. Or posted the product. And sat back and figured out the sales part later.

Do yourself a favor…

Before you launch something. Before you release a new service. Before you do any of that…

Spend a week letting people know something will happen… before it happens. The results may surprise you.

Now I have a quick question for you…

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Also –

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Talk soon,
Derek Halpern

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