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Thursday’s Headlines: Opioid death rates soared in areas where pain pills flowed

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Opioid death rates soared in areas where pain pills flowed
An analysis of previously undisclosed DEA data reveals corresponding spikes in deaths and pill shipments at the height of the epidemic.
As lawyers zero in on drug firms, a reckoning may be coming
Nearly 2,000 communities hurt by the opioid crisis are suing drug companies for staggering sums to cover the costs of treatment, education and law enforcement.
At rally, crowd responds to Trump’s criticism of Rep. Omar with chants of ‘send her back’
The event made clear that President Trump plans to use his criticism of four liberal congresswomen of color as a rallying cry during his campaign.
House votes to kill resolution on impeachment
Democrats joined with Republicans to stop the measure — an unusual optic one day after a divided House voted to condemn racist remarks by the president.
House votes to hold Barr, Ross in contempt for failing to comply with subpoena
The vote to hold the attorney general and commerce secretary in criminal contempt for failing to provide census documents came amid soaring tensions between the White House and Congress.
Behind the scenes the night Trump partied with Jeffrey Epstein and NFL cheerleaders
Footage of the 1992 party at Mar-a-Lago shows Donald Trump grabbing dancing cheerleaders and socializing with Epstein, the financier who was charged with sex trafficking.
This German city had few foreigners. Then refugees changed it in some surprising ways.
Unlike the far better-known Frankfurt in western Germany, the eastern Frankfurt was homogeneously German. To some locals, the refugees offer salvation after decades of devastating population decline. To others, the new arrivals could be the coup de grace for a city that was already struggling.
Border agent in Texas accused of harassing mother of 12-year-old migrant who was in custody
The accusations made in a complaint filed with U.S. Customs and Border Protection have come to light as the agency battles an onslaught of criticism and allegations of abuse at its facilities.
‘The Squad’ hates Trump’s policies. That doesn’t mean they hate America.
No, the Democratic Party hasn’t lurched to the left
Who’s the smartest of them all? Trump and Biden both say ‘me.’
Eric Garner is proof that we need to reform laws on excessive force
We can either choose Trump’s vision of America, or John Paul Stevens’s
Apollo 11’s achievement still dazzles
More News
Democratic leaders are warning campaigns to delete FaceApp ‘immediately’
Millions of users, including Drake, LeBron James and the Jonas Brothers, have posted photos of themselves that had been altered by the app to make them look years older. But late Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee was warning against the app’s use.
Man screams ‘die!’ as he sets fire to Japanese cartoon studio, police say, killing at least 20
A series of explosions triggered an inferno that swept through the three-story workspace near Kyoto, leaving many of its occupants unconscious and injured, authorities said. The suspect, a 41-year-old man, was in police custody.
A random group of ‘Republicans’? CNN doesn’t tell the whole story about a Trump-loving panel.
Members of a Trump booster group have appeared on the network twice before, also without disclosure.
Campaign 2020
How well do you know the Democratic candidates?
Let’s face it: Too many people are competing to be the Democratic nominee in next year’s presidential election. If you hear a name or see a face and find yourself asking, “Wait, which one is he?” or “Is she the one who …” then this quiz is for you.
Today’s WorldView | Analysis
‘El Chapo’ is contained. The drug war is not.
Cartel violence is getting worse in Mexico, even as drug kingpins fade from view.
An Iowa official and Tupac superfan was fired. He says it wasn’t because of the ‘thug life’ cookies.
Jerry Foxhoven, a self-described “66-year-old white guy” and Tupac devotee, hosted “Tupac Fridays” and celebrated his birthday with Tupac-themed pastries.
House votes to block Trump’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, setting up a likely veto
The administration said in May that it would invoke emergency authority to push through the sales. Bipartisan majorities in both the Senate and the House objected.
Life-threatening heat and oppressive humidity to roast much of the U.S. through the weekend
The heat poses a public health threat as temperatures reach or exceed 95 degrees across much of the Lower 48 states.
Post Reports | Listen Now
Seven years, 76 billion pain pills – tracking the opioid epidemic in the U.S.
Scott Higham and Steven Rich unpack the DEA’s pain pill database. Sean Sullivan explains what’s missing in presidential candidates’ appeals to Hispanic voters. And Justin Moyer on an alternative currency.

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