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Recipes! Corn and vegetable bake, a crumble for your peak-summer fruit, a silky, smoky eggplant salad and more



So you went a little too wild at the farmers market. It’s okay! We’ve got a whole guide on what to do when you’re not sure if you can still eat certain items that look a little less than fresh. This week’s #DinnerInMinutes is also an exercise in using up vegetables before you consider chucking them. A summery fruit crumble is the answer to when berries and stonefruit are still very much edible, but with less desirable raw textures. 

But, when you’re on top of your game, when your cucumbers are snappy and your bell peppers firm, a crunchy, bright salad with endive and roasted chickpeas is a harmony of textures and Mediterranean flavor. That recipe comes from Michael Pollan’s mother and sisters, who put together a cookbook called “Mostly Plants,” in which the recipes think of plants first, and then maybe meat or dairy.

Speaking of which, have you signed up for our Plant Powered newsletter? If you’re trying to to include more plants in your cooking, are already a plant-based eater but want some new tips and tricks, or just really love your vegetables, you’ve got to give it a go. Sonja and Alex Overhiser, who run the blog A Couple Cooks, are award-winning bloggers and plant-forward eaters heading our newsletter series. You’ll get one vegan and one vegetarian recipe a week, with some easy tweaks for folks who still really want a bit of meat. 

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More on veggies: Our Nourish columnist, Ellie Krieger, comes through yet again with a Turkish-style eggplant salad where eggplant gets grilled to the point of collapse, and is then combined with crunchy vegetables, bright lemon juice, and verdant greens for a silky, smoky salad that will complement any cookout of picnic. Clearly, a winner in our book!

— Kari Sonde, Food Editorial Aid

Dinner in Minutes
Corn and Vegetable Bake
DINNER IN 45 MINUTES | Savory with a touch of sweetness and spice is how we like this vegetable quartet, roasted in the same pan.
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PLANT POWERED | Making sushi at home feels daunting to us, so how about all those flavors without the roll?
Turkish-Style Grilled Eggplant Salad
Cooking an uncut eggplant directly on top of a grill or on the grates of a gas stove until it is charred and collapsed yields the silky, smoky result that is a defining element of many Mediterranean eggplant salads.
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Harissa-Stuffed Bell Peppers
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