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54-year old mom ends joint pain (knee, back, hands…)

Soothe your pain with this gentle and effective nutrition formula


Mary, a 54-year old mom of three was suffering terribly from osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

She had crippling pain in her hands and dull aches in her knees and low back. She couldn’t walk more than ten minutes without having to sit and rub her legs… 

Even small activities like carrying groceries or holding her husband’s hand sent sharp pain radiating down her wrists and into her knuckles and fingers…

Her doctor recommended aspirin for the pain… 

But she was afraid of the increased risk of stroke. Her mom suffered one a few years back… so it ran in her family history which is when she asked Dr. Chris Oswald for help…

That day, he showed Mary how to soothe the pain in her knees, back, and hands immediately by placing a gentle and effective nutrition formula directly on those hurting areas for fast acting relief…

In Seconds Her Pain Was Entirely Gone— And Miraculously Treated For Weeks After Just One Use…

Two months later she walked over 3 miles for a Breast Cancer charity event without any pain or having to stop… and with the newfound strength in her joints she’s lost 11 lbs by simply being active again.

Mary has a new lease on life… 

Talk Soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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