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Tuesday’s Headlines: Capital One data breach compromises millions of credit card applications, FBI says

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Capital One data breach compromises millions of credit card applications, FBI says
The FBI has arrested a Seattle-area woman on charges of stealing tens of millions of sensitive customer records from Capital One, including some bank account numbers, according to court papers.
Some officials fear Trump will get only the intelligence he wants from spy-chief nominee
Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Tex.) seems to share President Trump’s suspicion of some in the national security community, and officials there fear politicization of their work.
Ratcliffe might not sail smoothly to confirmation
His nomination drew immediate opposition from Democrats and tepid support from key Republicans, while current and former intelligence officials said he was the least qualified nominee ever.
McConnell defends blocking election security bill, rejects criticism he is aiding Russia
The Senate majority leader invoked “McCarthyism” in singling out an opinion column in The Post, which defended the piece as a “legitimate exercise in commentary.”
Billion-dollar baby: How Carter’s became a staple of just about every child’s wardrobe
While its competitors are crumbling, the 154-year-old retailer has had 30 consecutive years of growth, even as the nation’s birthrate has fallen to 30-year lows.
Trump friend with business ties to Middle East pushed to shape U.S. policy in the region, House report says
The report intensifies the spotlight on Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a longtime friend of President Trump who played a central role in raising big-dollar contributions for his campaign and inaugural committee.
‘Looking for a reason to attack’: How Trump seized on a Fox News broadcast to go after Cummings
The president was already seething over the Maryland Democrat’s role in investigating him and in criticizing his administration’s squalid migrant detention centers.
‘I’d die for my people’: Meet the congressman whose district Trump attacked
Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-Md.) responded to the attacks by saying that he goes home to his district daily — he has lived in the same house for three decades — and wakes up every morning to “fight for my neighbors.”
While Trump spews hate, I continue to do my job
It is time to deport Baltimore
‘The president would never do that!’ Oh, yes, he would.
After Gilroy, the question persists: Why?
My father was wrong about Nazi Germany. I am right about America.
Trump’s escalation of racism means one thing: He’s worried about reelection
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Campaign 2020
Candidates expecting explosive faceoffs sharpen lines for Round 2 of Democratic presidential debates
For front-runners, the debate presents a chance to firm up their standing. For trailing candidates, a failure to make an impact could mean the end of the road.
Pentagon rebukes Oracle as debate over $10 billion federal contract turns sour
The military’s remarks and a “Conspiracy” graphic created by Oracle have become flash points in the contract dispute, which pits Amazon, IBM and other big tech firms against one another.
Trump’s 9/11 claims become a George Conway-pushed meme
President Trump wrote himself into the heroic response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, so Twitter users helped add him to other big moments in U.S. history.
Sen. Rand Paul offers to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a ticket to Somalia so she’ll ‘appreciate America more’
In an interview with Breitbart News, the Kentucky Republican echoed President Trump’s racist statement that the Minnesota Democrat should “go back.”
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