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Sunday’s Headlines: At least 20 dead, dozens injured in El Paso mall shooting

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At least 20 dead, dozens injured in El Paso mall shooting
Authorities believe the suspect, identified as Patrick Crusius, posted an anti-immigrant diatribe online, but are still gathering evidence to prove it, officials said.
Politicians grieve for El Paso victims, with Democrats decrying inaction on gun laws
Leaders took to cable television and Twitter, with reactions to the mass shooting at a Texas Walmart and shopping mall falling along party lines.
Video: Witnesses react to El Paso shooting
Police said one suspect was in custody Aug. 3 after at least 20 people were killed in a shooting in an El Paso shopping center.
Analysis: The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting
Walmart has a complex history of selling guns
Recent shootings at Walmart stores have drawn attention to their history with firearms, which have sold well for the retailer.
9 killed, at least 16 injured in Ohio shooting; suspect dead
Nine people in Ohio have been killed in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in less than 24 hours, and the suspected shooter is also deceased, police said
Trump says cities are ‘a mess.’ They’re actually enjoying a golden age.
Cities have become a magnet for young, educated workers, and many urban neighborhoods have become coveted places. Even in Detroit, long a symbol of blight, urban spaces are roaring back.
Trump slammed cities at an Ohio rally. It could be a test for how that tactic will fare in 2020.
Supporters cheered and opponents were incensed when the president criticized Baltimore and other cities as dangerous and “broken.” But as for those in the middle, one suburban pastor said: “They’re watching and they want to do what is right.”
The self-centered religion shared by Marianne Williamson and President Trump
I teach my college students to lie. Honestly. Whoppers. It’s good for them.
I am an uppity immigrant. Don’t expect me to be ‘grateful.’
Everything you thought you knew about gravity is wrong
Democracy is under attack. But how to protect it while Trump is in the White House?
Getting access to Trump’s tax returns is important. So is fighting for them constitutionally.
More News
Cummings defends Baltimore in wake of Trump’s tweets
In his first public remarks since President Trump launched a Twitter attack on Baltimore, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) urged that investments be made in the city.
No ‘joyful warriors’: Democrats fret over primary fight’s negative tone
Democratic leaders hoped a big field would showcase their party’s strength and diversity. Now some fear the primary is turning into a free-for-all.
The Take | Analysis
For Democrats and Republicans, a summer of discontent
Divisions, disagreements, nervousness and the president have fueled concerns across the political spectrum.
Chico, Calif., is in tumult after a fire emptied out neighboring Paradise
The Camp Fire in November led to a 20 percent population spike in Chico in mere hours. Now the city is grappling with rising crime rates, bad traffic and a housing shortage.
E-commerce’s challenge in Africa: Lack of addresses
Internet users in Africa now outnumber the U.S. population by some estimates, but reaching that exploding market is among the continent’s most pressing business challenges.
He lost his insurance, so he turned to a cheaper form of insulin. The decision proved fatal.
The death of a 27-year-old diabetic man in Virginia sheds light on concerns about over-the-counter insulin.
Retropod | Podcast
The books the presidents read
People have long been fascinated by the books presidents choose to read. But how much do reading habits actually reveal about them?
Arts and Entertainment
In praise of the messy, misunderstood masterpiece (and in search of the next one)
Movie fans lose when auteurs aren’t allowed to think big and occasionally fail.
Your gym is teeming with invisible members: Germs. Here’s how to avoid them.
Bacteria are all over workout equipment, fungal infections lurk in showers.
On Parenting
Her mother has a terminal illness. How does she help her kids cope?
While taking care of your children, it’s important to take care of yourself, too.


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