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[The Check-In Podcast] A Deeper Look at Our FABRIC


Hey there!

Hopefully by now, if you’ve listened to our podcast at all, you understand how important our core values are to us here at The Receptionist.

In some way, we’ve referenced them on every episode.

So why stop now, amiright?!

On this week’s episode, our Co-Founder and Director of Customer Experience, Jessica Marshall, dives deep into our company values and how we got to FABRIC.

A Deeper Look at Our FABRIC

FABRIC stands for: Fun, Authentic, Bold, Respectful, Innovative, Collaborative.

Having these values clearly defined allows us to speak a common language in the office, allows everyone to row in the same direction, and gives us focus as we work together to serve our customers.

I’d love for you to give this episode a listen, and do me a favor: reply back to me with your own company’s core values. I know our team would love to hear them.

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