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Recipes! A crispy schnitzel, crowd-friendly meals and non-alcoholic cocktails



As food writer Helen Rosner wrote in 2015, chicken tenders are a perfect food. There’s something about their simplicity, their ubiquity in childhood, their unfussiness and their desire to do absolutely nothing revolutionary in terms of tastes. 

This week’s Dinner in Minutes is a crispy sesame chicken schnitzel with all the joy of a chicken tender but with a fancier twist—if you can call the addition of toasted sesame seeds fancy. For very little extra work, recapture deliciousness. Pair with a salad of raddichio and sorrel if you can find it, or grab some honey mustard for dipping. Or even make a fried chicken sandwich! Quick and versatile? We stan. 

Speaking of quick and versatile, a Weeknight Vegetarian dish of Korean glass noodles that you can tweak with any vegetables you like. And our go-to how-to wizard Becky Krystal found the ideal middle ground between an 8-hour tomato sauce and a premade jarred version so you can get a simple pasta dish with maximum flavor. High yields on both of these recipes mean that you’ve got plenty of leftovers or enough to invite friends over!

I love to entertain, so I’ve already bookmarked these recipes for friends. I’ve also bookmarked our Spirits columist M. Carrie Allan’s feature on cocktails sans alcohol—the most crucial thing I learned about entertaining this year was that you’ve got to have a nice non-alchoholic option! Alcohol has been on the decline in social settings, and I want my pals to have an option that’s not just water. 

Have fun with this week’s recipes and see you next week!

Kari Sonde, Food editorial aide

Dinner in Minutes
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