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How Do We Form Beliefs or Learn Language? Check out Our eBook Roundup of the Best in Mind & Brain

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Our Favorite Mind Reads


Return to Reason: The Science of Thought

Why do facts fail to change people’s minds? In this eBook, we examine how we form our beliefs and maintain them with a host of cognitive biases, the difference between intelligence and thinking rationally and some solutions for how to overcome these obstacles both in reasoning with others and in dealing with our own prejudices.



Evolution: The Human Odyssey

The complex story of human evolution is a tale seven million years in the making. Each new discovery adds to or revises our story and our understanding of how we came to be the way we are. In this eBook, we explore the evolution of those characteristics that make us human.



Music and the Brain

Neuroscientists have shown that music recruits nearly every area of the brain. Here, we examine the latest imaging studies and discuss music's role in learning math and language, promoting social connections and treating brain injuries.



Fragile Brain: Neurodegenerative Diseases

Brain disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s affect an estimated one in six Americans and are increasing in incidence as the population ages. In this eBook, we examine these and other conditions involving the damage and loss of neurons, including other forms of dementia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and multiple sclerosis (MS).



Breaking Bad Habits

Self improvement is a lifelong quest. Changing personal habits is both hugely difficult and hugely rewarding. Here, we offer this eBook on breaking bad habits and the ultimate satisfaction of making difficult life changes.



Ask the Brains, Part 1: 55 Mysteries of the Mind

People behave in strange ways. We sometimes giggle when someone falls down, swear we've been to places we haven't or continue believing in something despite scientific evidence to the contrary. For more than a decade, the experts of our “Ask the Brains” column have addressed questions on the quirks and quandaries of human behavior, psychology and neurology.



Remember When? The Science of Memory

Why can you vividly recall the day your father took you to your first baseball game many years ago, but you can’t remember where you just put the car keys? The process of how – and what – we remember is a fascinating window onto who we are and what makes us tick. In this eBook, we explore what science can and can’t tell us about memory.



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