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Stop Leading by Example


I’m going to say something that will probably contradict everything you’ve ever heard about being a leader…

Don’t ever lead by example.

I bet your thinking, “what the heck, Alex? What do you mean don’t lead by example?”

That’s the same reaction I got when I said this at my friend Giovanni’s event, Archangel.

While we were masterminding together at our tables, Gio shouted across the room and asked me what I thought about entrepreneurs leading by example.

This is what I said – Entrepreneurs should never lead by example. Disavow any thought of leading by example. It’s one of the worst strategies we can use as an entrepreneur.

As you can imagine, I had a lot of heads turn so I had to explain myself…

The thing is, you don’t want to lead by example. If you do, your team will start showing up and acting just like you.

You can be an inspiration to your team as to what a leader looks like, but you don’t want them to mimic everything you do. Can you imagine an entire group of people exactly like you? It would be a disaster. I cringe at the thought of my team acting just like me…yikes.

So instead, you want to lead by process and structure. Here’s why – you want your team to achieve what they are expected of in their positions and be themselves, right?

Well, if they are following you and doing what you’re doing…they will be another version of you and not themselves.

And that’s the last thing you want on a team.

Here’s the other issue. Leading by example is one of the biggest traps we can fall into. When we take on the mantle of leading by example, it makes us solely responsible for what’s going on in the business. It’s also just not enough.

It’s a good start but here’s the problem. Far too many entrepreneurs look at that as “the speed of the boss is the speed of the team.” Which really translates to, the speed you – as the leader – offload and change your behavior is the speed at which your team will modify and grow.

You can be an example, but your team can’t succeed just by looking at you as an example. You need a clear process and structure in your business that leads the organization. Every member of your team needs clear outcomes, measurements for perspective, and clear accountability. With these in place, your team is guaranteed to succeed.

Don’t lead by example. Lead by process, structure, and clarity. Because when you do, it gives your team the ability to win.

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