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Editor's Picks: Deep Dives


The Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem

We harbor roughly the same number of microbes as we have cells. This complex ecosystem is crucial to our health, affecting many processes including immunity, child development and bone density regulation. Research in this area has exploded, and in this eBook, we highlight some of the most exciting work on how the microbiome develops, its influence on brain and behavior and implications in both contributing to and treating various disorders.



The New Science of Sex and Gender

Vital research is starting to challenge long-standing assumptions about gender identity and biological sex. With this collection, we not only examine the latest studies in biology, medicine and psychology but also, more importantly, their bearing on healthcare, identity and access.



The New Science of Healthy Aging

Understanding why we age and how to prevent age-related physical and mental decline can help us to live in the moment and enjoy our health at any age. In this eBook, we explore the latest thinking in why we age, strategies to help maintain good health as well as research into the limits of human longevity.



Genetic Engineering: Progress and Controversy

From its beginnings in the 1970s to the post-CRISPR revolution, the field of genetic engineering has come a long way. In this eBook, we examine how CRISPR and other approaches are being investigated to treat disease, mind-blowing research in synthetic biology, controversial efforts in modifying crops and saving species and more.



Martin Gardner: The Magic and Mystery of Numbers

Martin Gardner introduced many readers to real mathematics, making the subject accessible and fun for more than 25 years. In this eBook, we focus on all flavors of number, from common integers and negative numbers to figurate numbers and the exotic random number, Omega, which can be described but not computed.



Evolution vs. Creationism

Creationists have tried many tactics either to ban the teaching of evolution or to have creationism and/or intelligent design taught alongside it in public schools. In this eBook, we take a close look at the rise of Darwinism, the arguments and opposition, whether faith and science can coexist and the repercussions of an anti-science trajectory.



The Higgs Boson: Searching for the God Particle

One of the biggest discoveries in physics, the quest for the Higgs boson demonstrates the value of a good theory. In this eBook, we’ve gathered our best reporting to analyze the search, the discovery and the ongoing questions.



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