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🔍 Marie Haynes on the A in E-A-T | Biggest coming SEO trend

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Did you know SEO veteran and agency-owner Marie Haynes used to be a veterinarian? That’s just one interesting tidbit to come out of Barry Schwartz’s recent interview with her. The two talked about algorithm updates and her thoughts on the concepts behind E-A-T.  “Really the most important part of E-A-T. is the “A” part — the authoritativeness — and that’s closely tied into Page Rank,” says Marie. “I have a theory that Google only wants to pass Page Rank for YMYL [your money your life] queries through sites that have decent EAT. And that can explain why they feel comfortable ignoring spammy links.” Watch the full interview here

SEOs think Google’s entry into more verticals and competing directly with publishers will have the biggest impact on SEO in the next three years. That’s according to a survey of more than 1,500 SEOs conducted by SparkToro. In his analysis, SparkToro founder Rand Fishkin said he was surprised privacy regulations and U.S. federal investigations ranked low on the impact list. That may be because the penalties for Google have seemed minimal so far — despite ongoing investigations on both sides of the Atlantic — but also, as Rand says, the fact that these investigations could drag on for many more than three years. 

I do think we are just starting to see how privacy regulations and changes in attitudes around data rights affect Google — and Facebook and others for that matter. More than a year on, and GDPR has only begun to play out. CCPA hasn’t even taken effect yet. It’s hard to see the impact at the site level, but Google’s business model and the ad tech economy as a whole is facing significant scrutiny and potential upheaval. I’d love to hear what you think: or @ginnymarvin

Read on for a Pro Tip on Google search partners and much more. 

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Pro Tip

Here’s when Google search partners can limit your control over bids

“Google often supplies attempts to expand retailer reach through account settings. It’s important to test this setting on different campaign types to understand its effect on performance,” explains Steve Costanza of Sidecar. “Generally speaking, high-intent or branded campaigns tend to perform better on the search network because consumers are actively searching for your products. Campaigns with general search terms tend to drive up costs at a lower conversion. Advertising with Google search partners also limits your control over bids. Google automates this aspect, meaning you cannot adjust bids if spend increases beyond a sustainable level. Instead, you simply must turn off search partners.”

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Search Shorts

Mobile-first indexing and duplicate content

Google mobile-first indexing with desktop. Google said just because your site was moved to mobile-first indexing, it doesn’t mean they won’t crawl your site with the desktop GoogleBot.

A drop in rankings over duplicate content. Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that it’s not a reason to drop a site in rankings. “Lots of sites have duplicate content like this, our systems can deal with it fairly well,” he concluded.

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