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Broken & Almost Bankrupt to Booming


I recently had the opportunity to get on a podcast with one of my favorite people, Marley Baird.

Marley runs Marley Baird Media, helping people with video content strategy and brand growth.

I think she’s one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I’ve ever met.

She’s literally created a category for herself and is helping tons of people grow their businesses.

Marley is amazing.

She was the first person ever to join our Accelerator coaching program.

When she started with us back in April of 2018, she was right around $300,000 in business.

While that’s impressive, here’s what’s really incredible about her.

After just a few months in our program, she grew her business all the way to a million dollars.

Around that time, we did a podcast about her growth, and it was one of the best testimonials/feedback podcasts we’ve ever done.

Just last week we did another podcast and here’s why…

Right after Marley got to a million dollars, everything in her business fell apart. She quickly learned exactly what I mean when I say that million-dollar businesses feel broken.

But Marley knew exactly what she needed to do.

She reached out to us.

Our coaching team escalated the issue to me, we got involved, and we helped her with a major turn around.

I know Marley well enough to know that she was going to be this candid on the podcast, but you may be shocked at how much she shares with what went on, what she went through, and how she turned things around.

Trust me, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

If you’re growing a business, at one point you are going to go through exactly what Marley, myself and so many other entrepreneurs have. You can be ahead of these issues, expect them to come, and know exactly what to do when they happen.

Listen to her episode, 544 – Nearly Bankrupt to Booming with Marley Baird, HERE.

I can’t wait to hear what your favorite part of the episode was,


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