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Mini Band Exercises for Flat Abs, Lean Legs & a Firm Butt

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Mini Bands Are Fantastic for Women Of All Ages, Body Types & Fitness Levels

They are a better way to sculpt your body compared to a simple bodyweight workout at home—which many busy women settle for…

Because now you have a unique challenge from the elastic resistance of the bands that tightens and tones your muscles in ways regular lunges, squats, curls or crunches can’t.

Mini Bands have a lot of other perks too…

  • no gym membership or expensive equipment (you can claim a set of snap-proof mini bands free in a link further down this page— but wait don’t skip there yet)
  • you won’t need any type of workout experience to use mini bands. They’re safeCompact. And easy to use. They’re like having a gym in your pocket— you can take them out anytime, anywhere and get a better workout than you would in a crowded fitness center…
  • When you use the new Targeted Triple Toning Method I’ll share below… your workouts will be short, raise your metabolism and sculpt your entire body in just a few minutes.
  • You likely won’t sweat buckets using these. Although they’re challenging and will tone your tummy, legs and arms fast… mini bands won’t leave you in a pool of stinky sweat like traditional workouts…
  • no rough calluses or painful blisters on your hands from weights…
  • no joint pain or feeling so sore that you can barely move…
  • And even if you hate exercise… this is hands down the BEST workout you can do. I jokingly call it the “best workout for women who hate working out”.

Would You Like a FREE Set of Mini Bands?

We went on a hunt to develop the very BEST mini bands with what we call Anti-Snap Technology so you never have to order another set of mini bands for the rest of your life.

Get them 100% free on this page only <—– Click Here to see if you qualify

The quality of your mini bands will make or break your results. Which is why you’ll get five commercial grade bands of different resistance levels so you can crank up or dial down the intensity of your workouts any way you’d like.


Tonya Fines, Bsc, PE
Mini Band Specialist
Team Critical Bench Trainer

P.S.  My new Workout Firm & Tight Launched This Week.

Get a free set of Mini Bands with every order!


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