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How Windows 7’s “Extended Security Updates” Will Work

Did You Know?:

Tabasco Sauce, that iconic spicy American condiment, takes three years to produce; most of that time is invested in the fermentation process which helps soften and break down the raw peppers without cooking them.


October 9, 2019

Did You Know?

Tabasco Sauce, that iconic spicy American condiment, takes three years to produce; most of that time is invested in the fermentation process which helps soften and break down the raw peppers without cooking them.

How Windows 7’s “Extended Security Updates” Will Work

Windows 7 isn’t long for this world. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft ends “extended support” for Windows 7, and it will stop getting security updates. But there’s a way around it: Paying for “Extended Security Updates.” Read More »

How to Use Port Knocking on Linux (and Why You Shouldn’t)

Port knocking is a way to secure a server by closing firewall ports—even those you know will be used. Those ports are opened on demand if—and only if—the connection request provides the secret knock. Read More »

What Is a “Hot Take,” and Where Did the Phrase Come From?

Hot takes are everywhere online. You’ve probably seen the phrase “hot take” thrown around, but what exactly does it mean? Where did it come from, and how do you use it? Read More »

Windows 10’s Phone Calls Will Support All Android 7+ Phones

Microsoft announced Calls on stage at a Samsung event in August, but this feature is coming for all phones with Android 7 or newer. Part of the Your Phone app, “Calling” is now rolling out to Windows Insiders. Read More »


Free eBook: Hacking for Dummies, 6th Edition ($29.99 Value) Free for a Limited Time

In order to outsmart a would-be hacker, you need to get into the hacker’s mindset and with this book, thinking like a bad guy has never been easier. Get expert knowledge on penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security best practices, and ethical hacking that is essential in order to stop a hacker in their tracks. Download now!

How to Enable Fall Detection and Set Up Emergency Contacts on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch might be a great smartwatch, but it can also save your life. Apple has built fall detection into the wearable, which can call 911 and alert your emergency contacts in case you’re involved in an accident. Here’s how to set everything up. Read More »

How to Set Up iCloud Email Access on Android

If you switch from iPhone to Android, you don’t have to ditch iCloud services, like iCloud Mail. While Apple doesn’t make it easy to set up, it is possible to sign in and use your iCloud email address on Android. Read More »


Binge Watch Your Way to Halloween with This List

If you want to binge some Halloween movies, but aren’t sure where to start, check out the 31 Nights of Halloween List; you can spend less time pondering and more time watching. Read More »


How to Make a Roux (the Secret to Rich Soups and Sauces)

Whether you’re creating a creamy and flavorful white gravy for a Thanksgiving dinner or making homemade macaroni and cheese, you’ll need to make a roux first. Here’s how. Read More »


Our 10 Favorite Nerf Guns Available Now

There’s nothing more fun than an impromptu Nerf war! Shooting your friends without lethally injuring them will always be enjoyable, but which Nerf guns are best for foam firefights? Read More »


NanoLeaf Canvas is Bold, Beautiful, and Expensive

NanoLeaf Canvas is an LED system vastly different from the usual strip lights you see in smarthomes. Comprised of touch-sensitive LED light squares, you decide the shape and configuration. Simply put, it’s beautiful to behold—if you can afford it. Read More »



The Night Sky In The Movie Titanic Was Corrected At Whose Behest?

Neil deGrasse Tyson »
Jocelyn Bell »
James Cameron »
Stephen Hawking »

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