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The Week in Business: Facebook’s Role in Impeachment, Japan Fights Floods in Wake of Typhoon Hagibis, In a..

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The New York Times » Business Day Remove
By Charlotte Cowles, 4 hours ago · Plus, the N.B.A.’s multibillion-dollar relationship with China hits a snag. Read More →

By Motoko Rich and Ben Dooley, 12 hours ago · At least 10 people were killed in the super typhoon, the largest storm to strike Japan in decades. Read More →

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By James Glanz and Brad Plumer, 16 hours ago · One approach is a microgrid — creating a small power source that can keep the lights on in a small area when the main grid isn’t working. Read More →

By Nicole Sperling, 16 hours ago · The younger brother of Harvey Weinstein is returning to Hollywood, a move that brought condemnation from the advocacy group Time’s Up. Read More →

By Keith Bradsher and Ana Swanson, 16 hours ago · President Trump and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, agreed to a compromise on trade in recent days as they feel political pressures at home and face weake.. Read More →

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Hello world! We want to let you in to our lives and show you day to day life in Hawaii!! Read More →

The New York Times » Technology Remove
By Cecilia Kang and Thomas Kaplan, 20 hours ago · The Democratic presidential candidate bought the ad to goad Facebook into removing misinformation in political ads, escalating her feud with the social network.. Read More →

By Li Yuan, 2 days ago · The Communist Party has spent decades preparing the people to defend a united homeland. Hong Kong’s protests show it has paid off. Read More →

The New York Times Remove
By Carlotta Gall and Patrick Kingsley, 2 hours ago · The attacks caused about 700 Islamic State families to escape. The American defense secretary said the U.S. would pull out about 1,000 troops from the area. Read More →

By Laura M. Holson, 2 hours ago · He plans to resign from the BHR board of directors on or by Oct. 31, his lawyer said in a statement. Read More →

By Kate Bowler, 2 hours ago · She may not run the church. But she can still rule the kingdom. Read More →

By Mariel Padilla and Jennifer Jett, 3 hours ago · Powerful tropical storms occur all around the world, but what they’re called depends on where they form. Read More →

By Elizabeth A. Harris, 3 hours ago · Movies made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are an important part of a film and TV ecosystem in northern Utah. And there’s not an R-rating i.. Read More →

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The New York Times » U.S. Remove
By Trip Gabriel, 6 hours ago · Morgan Harper is challenging Representative Joyce Beatty in a solid blue Ohio district, the latest front in the Democratic clash between left and far left. Read More →

By Astead W. Herndon, 6 hours ago · The changing racial attitudes of white liberals are changing how 2020 candidates try to win votes. Read More →

By Rick Rojas, 11 hours ago · Republicans mounted an aggressive campaign to unseat Gov. John Bel Edwards, one of the few Democratic governors in the South. He was forced into a runoff sched.. Read More →

By Neil Vigdor, 11 hours ago · All of the passengers were adults and three were in serious condition, emergency responders said. Read More →

By Kenneth P. Vogel and Maggie Haberman, 11 hours ago · The president’s multiple shows of support for his personal lawyer on Saturday seemed meant to tamp down questions about Mr. Giuliani’s standing. Read More →

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The New York Times » New York Remove
By C. J. Hughes, 5 hours ago · Recent residential sales in New York City and the region. Read More →

By Ginia Bellafante, 5 hours ago · Despite the lawsuits and predictions of gridlock, restricting a single Manhattan street to buses has been a success. Why stop there? Read More →

7 hours ago · Recalling a thwarted childhood prank, help moving a car and more reader tales of New York City in this week’s Metropolitan Diary. Read More →

By Kaya Laterman, 19 hours ago · She’s run a gallery, made documentary films and operates a nonprofit. Now add urban gardener to the list. Read More →

By Molly Fitzpatrick, 19 hours ago · How Sleepy Hollow and the river towns of New York City went all in on Halloween. Read More →

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The New York Times » Science Remove
By Damien Cave, 1 day ago · Australia’s northern coast is a case study on the impacts of a warming planet. Small-town leaders there are struggling with constituents who doubt reality. Read More →

The New York Times » Travel Remove
By Cassidy George, 1 day ago · The hangover is intense for the grand institution of the quickie wedding just off the Strip. Read More →

The New York Times » Health Remove
By Jen A. Miller, 1 day ago · Between the breaking of the two-hour barrier and the Chicago Marathon, it’s a big weekend in running. Read More →

By Mary Williams Walsh, 2 days ago · The stay is only until Nov. 6. During that time, the parties must negotiate a plan for disclosing the details of the Sacklers’ wealth and Purdue’s role in the .. Read More →

The New York Times » Sports Remove
By Tyler Kepner, 10 hours ago · Washington, now 2-0 against St. Loui in the N.L.C.S., has shown that durable starters can still be a reliable route to winning in October. Read More →

By Marc Stein, 16 hours ago · Games that count are days away, but the political and financial fallout of a preseason clash with China threatens to reshape the league’s future. Read More →

By The Associated Press, 16 hours ago · The upset by South Carolina, an underdog by 24½ points to one of the top teams in the Southeastern Conference, reshuffles the landscape for other national cham.. Read More →

By David Waldstein, 19 hours ago · The Yankees have a strong bullpen and a stacked lineup. The Astros have proven clutch hitters, two top starters and a big advantage playing at home in Game 1 w.. Read More →

By David Waldstein, 19 hours ago · There will always be suspicions when one team seems to know too much about what the other has planned. Read More →

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The New York Times » World Remove
By Carlotta Gall and Patrick Kingsley, 2 hours ago · The attacks caused about 700 Islamic State families to escape. The American defense secretary said the U.S. would pull out about 1,000 troops from the area. Read More →

By Mike Ives, 6 hours ago · The seemingly spontaneous gatherings were spread across much of the city and reflected continuing anger over a ban on wearing face masks at public gatherings. Read More →

By Marc Santora, 7 hours ago · In four years since coming to power, the Law and Justice party has tried to reshape the country in ways that critics say undermine democracy and the rule of la.. Read More →

By Motoko Rich and Ben Dooley, 7 hours ago · Here’s what we know about the super typhoon that struck Japan, causing levees to break and cities to flood. Read More →

By Evan Hill and Christiaan Triebert, 7 hours ago · The Russians saved Bashar al-Assad’s government. A trove of Russian Air Force recordings obtained by The Times shows how bombing Syrian hospitals helped them d.. Read More →

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