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🔍 The newly launched Paid Search Association’s purpose | Facebook opens search ads to all

Good morning Refactual, do you need access to more training, research and colleagues?

The newly minted Paid Search Association (PSA) seeks to provide search marketers with exactly that. “I think the industry has evolved to the point where individuals can no longer practice all of the various fields of SEM expertise,” said inaugural president David Szetela, CEO of FMB Media, explaining why he thinks the PSA was needed, given the relatively mature state of the industry.

There are countless resources available for PPC professionals, but they’re scattered and may be unreliable. The PSA intends to cut through the noise and provide educational and job-development resources, access to research, discussion and job forums and more to its members, which will include individuals as well as companies.

Marketers can now extend their search ad efforts to Facebook’s search platform. After nearly a year’s worth of testing, Facebook is opening ad placement in News Feed and Marketplace search to all advertisers. The ads will appear in results for searches that have commercial intent, with targeting based on the advertiser’s chosen people-based targeting options combined with relevant search term keywords determined by Facebook. This new ad placement opportunity will be valuable for any advertisers running product sales or conversion-focused campaigns, especially as we near the holiday shopping season.

Google Ads users now have access to “conversions by time” reporting to view conversions by the day they occur instead of the ad click date. This conversion reporting offers six new columns, which should help advertisers get a better picture of how their ads are performing and make it easier to compare with internal sales data. 

If you take a peek into your Google Search Console, you may find the new experimental speed report. We, at Search Engine Land, have just gotten access to it; you can head to the article to view our reports. The reports generated could be used to identify slow URLs and view tips on how to improve them. Similar information is available in the PageSpeed Insights tool, but having it in GSC makes it easier for SEOs and webmasters to access it. Speed can impact your rankings and conversion rates, so it’s a good idea to check up on it.

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George Nguyen,
Associate Editor



PPC automation still needs a human in the equation

If you believe that automation will become even more pervasive in PPC in the future, then it makes sense that we must learn how the automations given to us by the engines work so that we can optimize them by managing their settings. It’s the simple premise that humans, plus machines, are better than machines alone. 

An advertiser’s worry is not just that the machines are taking over our jobs, but it’s that the machines are built by Google, who also collects many of our advertising dollars. As an ex-Googler, I trust that Google tries to do the right thing, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting some guarantees and putting oversight in place, especially when even Googlers can’t really explain exactly how their machine learning automations are arriving at their decisions.

So that’s why PPC managers want to be in the equation rather than letting machines do PPC on their own. Humans can monitor the machine’s decisions and provide corrections and guidance when those decisions appear sub-optimal.

– Fred Vallaeys is cofounder and CEO of Optmyzr

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Google Books search updated.

Google Books redesigned. Google has rolled out a redesign for Google Book search. Learn more over here.

Google manual actions. These manual actions are immediate but can take Google search some time to reprocess after the action is lifted.

Video structured data. Google’s Lizzi Harvey said Google updated its video structured data to say you should use interactionStatistic instead of interactionCount.


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