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New eBook. Mathematics in the 21st Century Looks at How We Solve for X

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The Art of Problem-Solving


Mathematics in the 21st Century

One of the most powerful tools in the science arsenal, mathematics allows scientists across disciplines to test hypotheses about the real world. In this eBook, we look at important recent advances in the field and examine the role of modeling and statistical analysis in understanding biology, physics, politics and more.



The Science of Consciousness

How do neurons create the sense of a unique self? On the other hand, could conscious thought be an illusion? In this eBook we explore the diverse and sometimes contentious approaches to defining consciousness, research into its physical footprints, advances in measuring conscious awareness and emerging technologies bringing artificial intelligence systems closer to adapting and learning like a human brain.



Unlocking Happiness

Take control and retrain your brain to achieve a happier, healthier state of mind. In this eBook, we examine aspects of daily life that affect mood such as perception, social support and time management and offer approaches shown to boost contentment, including reframing negative events, increasing resilience through self-compassion and practicing mindfulness.




The Microbiome: Your Inner Ecosystem

The collection of microbes we carry in our bodies is crucial to many aspects of our health. Research in this area has exploded, and in this eBook, we highlight some of the most exciting work on how the microbiome develops, its influence on brain and behavior and implications in both contributing to and treating various disorders.



Music and the Brain

Neuroscientists have shown that music recruits nearly every area of the brain. Here, we examine the latest imaging studies and discuss music's role in learning math and language, promoting social connections and treating brain injuries.



Genetic Engineering: Progress and Controversy

From its beginnings in the 1970s to the post-CRISPR revolution, the field of genetic engineering has come a long way. In this eBook, we examine how CRISPR and other approaches are being investigated to treat disease, mind-blowing research in synthetic biology, controversial efforts in modifying crops and saving species and more.



The Science Behind the Debates

People say that they trust scientists, yet evidence often takes a back seat to emotions. In this eBook, we examine the science behind today’s most contentious debates including gun control, GMOs and evolution, as well as strategies for understanding and coping with denialism.



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