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How to Stop Your Disney+ Account From Getting Hacked

Did You Know?:

95 percent of cranberries are processed immediately after harvest into juice and cranberry sauce. The remaining 5 percent are sold fresh or dried and sweetened.


November 22, 2019

Did You Know?

95 percent of cranberries are processed immediately after harvest into juice and cranberry sauce. The remaining 5 percent are sold fresh or dried and sweetened.


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How to Stop Your Disney+ Account From Getting Hacked

Thousands of Disney+ accounts have been “hacked” and are for sale online. Criminals are selling login details for compromised accounts from between $3 and $11. Here’s how it likely happened—and how you can protect your Disney+ account. Read More »

10 Ways to Personalize Your Slack Account

Slack is a popular communication service primarily used in workplace environments. The defaults are sensible, and it looks pretty. However, you can personalize your Slack account, so it looks and acts the way you want it to. Read More »

How to Find Data in Google Sheets with VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP is one of the most misunderstood functions in Google Sheets. It allows you to search through and link together two sets of data in your spreadsheet with a single search value. Here’s how to use it. Read More »

Exclusive Deal: Charge, Connect, and Extend Your MacBook with this $29 7-in-1 USB-C Hub Adapter

USB-C is great, and laptops like the MacBook and Pixelbook that only feature USB-C ports definitely look sleek. But let’s face it. There are a lot of peripherals and gadgets out there that require different types of connectors. Read More »

How to See Which Version of Chrome OS is on Your Chromebook

Should you need to see which version of Chrome OS your Chromebook is running, you can view it and a bunch of other detailed information about the OS in the Settings app. Here’s how to find it. Read More »

How to Allow “Untrusted Shortcuts” on iPhone and iPad

Shortcuts is now a stock app in iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and beyond. Thanks to Apple’s stricter rules, any shortcut you download from the internet is blocked. Here’s how you can allow untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad. Read More »


Thinking About Sous Vide Cooking a Whole Turkey? Here’s How

If you’re big sous vide fans like we are, then you’ve probably entertained the notion of trying to sous vide a whole turkey. Here’s how. Read More »


10 Easy Instant Pot Thanksgiving Sides

Thanksgiving can feel overwhelming. You have a house to clean, a menu to plan, and so much food preparation. This year, pour yourself a glass of wine and let your pressure cooker do some of the work! Read More »


11 Practical Gifts for the Handy DIYer in Your Life

While it’s great to give fun presents, sometimes, the best gifts are practical. If someone you know is a DIYer or likes to fix things, chances are he’s put off buying necessary supplies. Why not give the gift of stuff he needs? Read More »


Black Friday 2019: The Best Small Appliance Deals

Black Friday is November 29th, 2019, and with it comes discounts for Bluetooth headphones, smart home devices, and even laptops and desktops. But don’t neglect small appliances, like coffee makers and pressure cookers! This year’s deals are fantastic. Read More »



The World’s Smallest Mammal Is The?

Bumblebee Bat »
Etruscan Shrew »
Pygmy Possum »
American Shrew Mole »

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